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  • Stabilimento Dobell
    Dobell ecologia
  • Dobell ecologia

Dobell has always paid attention to the elements concerning the creation of its products, improving production cycles, evaluating the choice of materials and optimizing shipments and storage.
We have complete control over our technological risks and have protocols to follow for the prevention of accidental pollution. We apply the development of clean technologies to reduce, reuse and eliminate waste and effluents.

Materiale riciclato
Macchinari stampaggio iniezione
Inchiostro sicuro

Recycled material

The packaging made of cardboard uses over 90% recycled raw material.
Plastic packaging, markers and pens are made of 75% recycled PET

Energy efficient molding machines

The innovative injection presses, with new power supply, allow you to save 50% of energy consumption compared to traditional hydraulics. The improved efficiency of the machinery leads to lower consumption, reducing the environmental impact.

Supply chain

The product shipping system is organized to favor timing and space, in order to optimize loads and reduce costs and CO2 emissions. We apply a careful process of selecting suppliers, of which almost 95% come from Europe. Dobell is ISO 28000 certified, a standard that defines the requirements for the implementation of a security management system along the supply chain (Supply Chain Security).

Ink safe

The special formulation of the inks prevents them from drying inside pens and felt-tip pens when they are left uncapped, even for days. Consequently, the life of the product is lengthened, improving its ecological impact.